Century Prophecy - fantasy themed Physical Role Playing Game

Tags: Game Design, Service Design, Interaction Design

Time: 04/2015 - 05/2015

Instructor: Prof. Yangbo Xu, Fang Zhang

Team: Longze Xia (Leader),

           Game Rule Group: Yijia Tao, Chenmin Zhang, Huimin Gong, Jichen Wu;

           Creative Tech Group: Cong Liu, Yanbin Cao, Hao Chen;

           Service Group: Longze Xia, Yuqian Yang, Zhenyi Zhang, Yilin Wang

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Unity 3D, Max msp etc.


Intro: Century Prophecy is a fantasy themed Physical Role Playing Game encouraging players to explore a place, collaborate on seeking treasures, design strategies to beat enemies and share feelings with others. Briefly, it is a gamification project, aiming to enhance the connection among people and remind them of something they missed in their busy daily life. We hope that they could found some beautiful places and things that they passed by before. For example, the kids who are feeding animals on the grass, some undiscovered spots where have great views, and the happiness to share fun and positive feelings with strangers.

The background of this project is that most Chinese young people are the only child in his family because of the policy, which makes them, also including us, have a strong sense of being separated. We lost the close connection with our brothers and sisters. So we decided to focus on the question about how we might reconnect people in an engaging way.